The journey from initial product idea to market success

Bringing a new idea to market can be  challenging and many companies and initiatives fail for various reasons: from a lack of market & customer insight to not being able to deliver a meaningful or profitable solution. From not being able to grow beyond an initial customer base to scaling too soon, and so forth. Bringing in the right expertise at the right time, can help you navigate these challenges and effectively grow your business.

Jasper Peeters

Product leader with a passion for hightech innovation

  • Product excellence: I help companies improve business results by sharpening their product approach. I do this by implementing product culture, product management and providing product leadership.

  • Creative energy: I get energised when new ideas and approaches are required to drive business success (new products, new go to market approaches, new business models), when ambitious goals need to be achieved and when I can lead teams and initiatives to get to results.

  • B2B experience: I have 20 years of experience in product leadership roles at medtech, software and high-tech companies, building successful products and teams.

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